About Us

70 years ago, an enterprising Italian immigrant start realizing the dream that he had brought from his homeland: Start manufacturating stainless steel flatware.

Thus, in San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Don Romulo Ruffini installed a small workshop that then, through the years, became the largest cutlery factory in our country. Always trying to stay ahead in areas such as design and quality, Gamuza was the first factory to produce knives with hollow-out handle, and was also the one who introduced in our country the triple sandwich bottom for pots.

A few years ago, according to the new market demands, Ruffini & CIA SAIC Romulo also built a painted aluminum production plant, whose products, supported by our prestigious brand GAMUZA, achieved in a short time, consumer acceptance.

Today, those who inherit the responsability to lead the Company's path, have accepted the great challenge of making the world know our products and we are determined to succeed in this task.

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